Training Services

Our courses provide your people with the information they need to ensure all projects and programs are set up for success and managed effectively.

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Project Management Office (PMO) Advisory Services

Our PMO advisory services help you successfully set up and manage your PMO to improve the success of your portfolios, programs and projects.

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Psychological Safety

By prioritising psychological safety, you can foster a culture of trust, respect, and open communication that enables your team to thrive and achieve their full potential.

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Training Services

Our courses provide your people with the information they need to ensure all projects are set up for success. Provide team members with a universal understanding.

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PMO Services

Increase your employees’ accountability & productivity by bringing them up to speed on how to successfully set up, execute, control & complete projects.

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Psychological Safety

Become more aware of the dynamics in your team, and understand what can be done to create a climate that is conducive to psychological safety and workplace happiness.

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Project and  program management certification through Gloo brings your project and program teams up to speed on the best approaches and methods for better execution and control. We cover all the essential elements of managing projects across the entire organisation, regardless of industry.

Empower & Upskill

Empower and upskill your people with the essential information on how to properly set up, execute, control, and complete projects and programs in your workplace.

Be Certified

Our certification courses are run in conjunction with RK Associates, an Accredited Training Organisation for AXELOS and APMG International certifications.

Beneficial to all

Our courses can benefit all team members from Finance, Change Management, Operations, Marketing & Sales, Technology. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of each role within their team and build stronger relationships with their peers.


Projects have the greatest chance of success if they are managed in a consistent way. Training your teams ensures that everyone has a shared understanding of key concepts, approaches and terms so they can be applied consistently.

Empower & upskill your staff with real-world training

In conjunction with our partner RK Associates, we offer accredited training in globally-recognised AXELOS and APMG programme, project and change management frameworks, including:

  • PRINCE2®
  • Managing Successful Programmes (MSP®)
  • Portfolio, Programme and Project Offices (P3O®)
  • Praxis Framework™
  • APMG International Change Management™
  • WISP (Working in Small Projects)™

… and more – contact us for more details.

PRINCE2®, MSP®, P3O® are registered trademarks of AXELOS Limited, used under permission of AXELOS Limited. All rights reserved.
Praxis Framework™ is a trademark of Praxis Framework Limited

APMG International Change Management is a trademark of the APM Group Limited. All rights reserved.
WiSPis a trademark of New View Management B.V.

We can also build bespoke training sessions tailored to your specific needs, and facilitate workshops on diverse topics to help your teams solve practical problems and build targeted knowledge.  Some areas where we have developed and facilitated bespoke workshops include:

  • Building better teams through improving trust and communication
  • Programme benefits mapping
  • Identifying and prioritising programme risks
  • Project kick-off sessions
  • Growing a psychologically safe environment
  • Project and programme management overviews
  • Understanding project and programme board roles and responsibilities

  • Our trainers are highly experienced project and programme professionals with many years’ on-the-ground experience – we are not just theorists!
  • We have a deep understanding of globally-recognised best practice programme, project and change management frameworks. We have been involved in developing AXELOS best practice guidance since 2009, as part of authoring and review teams for PRINCE2, MSP and P3O guide updates.
  • Our engaging trainers make training fun and practical, applying the theory to help achieve real-world improvements.

Working successfully on small projects

  • Empower and upskill your people with the essential information on how to set up, execute properly, control, and complete projects in your workplace.
  • Suitable for IT and non-IT/business project businesses (not specific to IT projects, though these are a sweet spot due to the likelihood of additional complexity) – all team members from different business areas can benefit from training.
  • Provides everyone with a consistent definition of terms, and a common understanding of the approach for projects.
  • People from different areas of the business are often assigned to project roles, away from their day to day specialist jobs. This training sets these people up for success by ensuring they know what is expected of them.

  • Working in small projects – we provide training for medium-sized organisations on how to manage and deliver projects effectively.
  • The course follows the APMG International certified WISP accreditation.
  • Includes 2x full days of training plus 3 hours for sitting the exam.
  • Delivered on-site as the primary means of delivery. Live virtual (e.g. live zoom / teams video stream) is also available.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Our training is delivered by highly experienced project and program management professionals and experienced trainers.

PMO Services

A project management office (PMO) can help your projects and programs succeed by acting as a hub for project-related activities and information: providing support, guidance and governance functions which are crucial to project and organisational effectiveness. The benefits of having a well-functioning PMO include:

  • Improved clarity over project roles, responsibilities and govenance
  • Better resource optimisation
  • Consistency and standardisation of project management methods, processes and tools
  • Improved confidence through independent assurance
  • Effective risk and issue management
  • Strategic alignment of projects and programs with organisational priorities

Our PMO advisory services can help you establish your PMO and get the most out of your organisation’s projects and programs. Contact us today to discuss how we can help.


PMO Design

We can help you design, set up and operate a PMO that fits your organization’s needs. We are available to consult on all issues related to project and program management: portfolio management infrastructure, organizational design, training and education, staffing, reporting mechanisms and dashboards.

Transformation advisory

We can help you set up your transformation programs with the right governance, processes and controls to make sure you get the most out of your program investments.

Psychological Safety Services

We believe that psychological safety is essential for creating a positive and productive work environment.

Our expert assessments and coaching can help you and your team become more aware of the dynamics at play in your workplace, and provide guidance on how to create a climate that is conducive to higher levels of psychological safety.

By prioritising psychological safety, you can foster a culture of trust, respect, and open communication that enables your team to thrive and achieve their full potential.

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